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Knowledge about Floor Scrubber Brushes

The floor scrubber brush machine (also called rotary brush, pad driver, pad holder), has become a common cleaning device in our lives, and the brush pad accessories consume a relatively large amount of floor scrubber brush machine. All the machines basically rely on the scrubber to clean the floor. Therefore, in the scrubber accessories, the floor scrubber brush plays a decisive role.

For this reason, choosing a good floor scrubber brush pad basically chose a good scrubber machine. The brush plate is one of the most wearable parts in the scrubber. At present, there are many types of brush discs on the market, such as hard brush, soft brush, diamond brush, etc. It is necessary to configure which brush to clean the ground, or to determine the cleanliness and material of the ground. In addition, it is necessary to select the hardness of the brush according to the pressure of the brush head, so that it can brush a very good effect without scratching the ground, and at the same time, the wear of the brush disk is also minimal.

Brushes of different qualities are not much different in appearance, but a careful inspection of the bristles reveals a lot of problems. A lot of inferior scrubbers on the brush pad will be very thin, sometimes one or two less filaments than the original brush. When washing the floor, you will find that the area with filaments on both sides can be cleaned, but there will be a dry area where there is no filaments in the middle, even the clear water cannot be evenly brushed. Long-term use of this brush will cause the ground to be clean and dirty, which is ugly.