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Polishing Brush

"steel wire brush for polishing"
"Steel Wire Cup Brush"
"High Quality twisted superior steel brush for cleaning"
"Crimped Wire Stainless Steel Cup Brush"
"twisted wheel brush"
"twisted wheel brush"
"Knot Wire Wheel Brush with Nut"
"Round steel wire brush for cleaning machine"
"Industrial Stringer Bead Twist Knot Wire Wheel Brush"
"twisted wheel brush"
"Nylon Abrasive Brush"
"Deburring Polishing Cleaning Industrial Abrasive Disc Brush"
  • Product Name: Polishing brush, Steel wire brush,

  • Size: Can be customized by customer’s detail requests
  • Filament material: Nylon, PP, Sisal, hog bristle, steel wire etc
  • Base material: Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Rubber, Algam or others
  • Usage: Wire brush removes burrs and cleans impurities off various surface, brush types are wheel brushes, cup brushes, end brushes, and brushes reach into corners and crevices like few other finishing tools.


Besides the above models, we also can customized the brush for which you need.

Features of Polishing Brush

  • Designed for polishing or cleaning large areas with flat surfaces, and complex convoluted surfaces such as carvings and castings.
  • Heavy-duty brush construction and maximum density of wire (high-carbon steel) help minimize flattening and spreading during use.
  • Can be used flat or as an edging cutter in narrow spaces.

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