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Food brush types and functions

For large-scale food processing plants, the cleaning of food in the early stage can be described as a large-scale project, which will not only consume a lot of human, material and financial resources, but will also take a long time. Fruit and vegetable cleaning brushes can be applied to the food industry to solve this problem.

1. The type of fruit and vegetable brushes contained cutting machine brush, meat grinder brush, mushroom cleaning machine brush, hair to remove peeling machine brush, fruit washing machine brush, bean, garlic peeling machine brush, oil pressing machine brush.
2. When cleaning a large number of agricultural crops such as fruits and carrots, you need to use a nylon brush roller. The brush roller requires brush filaments with good compression resistance and good elasticity, but at the same time cannot scratch the fruits and vegetables. Food machinery brush materials used PA6 , PA66 , 611 , 612 , 010 wire, etc., roller core 45 # round steel or stainless steel parts. After injection molding, high-temperature nylon brush filaments are implanted to clean the surface of fruits and surface waxing; bristles are made of anti-bacterial nylon 1010 brush wire, which is resistant to temperature and wear, brush wire does not turn back, and does not lose hair.
3. Food brush roller is widely used in various vegetables, fruits before mechanical preservation, peeling, to remove pesticide residues and other effects. The surface of the brush roller can be sheared into wavy shapes as required, and the two brush rollers corresponding to the concave and convex are used as a group to facilitate cleaning and achieve better cleaning results.