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The function of Polishing Brush

Polishing brush is a widely used brush product. It is mainly composed of iron wire (steel wire) as a skeleton, with a lot of neatly arranged, outwardly extending fine brush filaments. Polishing brushes are used in many industrial applications. There are three types of polishing brushes: surface cleaning, texture brushing, and deburring.

The surface of the parts have scale, rust, old paint layer, welding slag, need to obtain a smooth surface, what is the simple and effective cleaning method ?
—— Use the polished cleaning brush.

Parts of the surface need a regular, fine silk pattern, such as: wave patterns, fish scales, etc.. In order to achieve the purpose of decoration, this is how to do it?
—— Use the polished cleaning brush.

The burrs on the surface of machined parts are generally burrs. How can we remove the burrs effectively?
—— Use the polished cleaning brush. This is also a type of polishing brush widely used in the industry.

The industrial application of the polishing brush boils down to the need for a neat finish on the workpiece surface. Therefore, the main task of the polishing brush is to polish the surface of the workpiece.
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