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Cow Brushes

                                       Full set cow brushes with motor                                   (The voltage and frequency of the motor can be selected according to the requirements of the customer’s Country)

Cow brushes without motor

"Cow brush Cylinder shape yellow"

Cylinder shape

"Cow brush Cylinder shape black"

Cylinder shape

"Cow brush Cylinder shape red"

Cylinder shape

"Cow brush Cylinder shape blue"

Cylinder shape

"cow brush hourglass shape black"

Hourglass shape

"cattle brush hourglass shape blue"

Hourglass shape

"Cow massager brush hourglass shape green"

Hourglass shape

"Body brush for cattle hourglass shape"

Hourglass shape

  • Product Name: Cow brush (Cow body brush, Cattle brush, Cow scratching brush, Cow massager brush, Body brush for cattle, Cattle cleaning brush)

  • Size: Can be customized by customer’s detail requests
  • Filament material: PP, Nylon, PE, PBT etc
  • Base material: PP, PVC, Galvanized, Stainless steel
  • Usage: The use of cow brush is a major contribution to cow’s welfare and is therefore essential for a high milk yield, the animals are calmer and their well-being is increased.

Besides the Cow Brush of standard models, we also can customized the brush for which you need.


Features of Cow Brush

  • Easy to install, and can be installed in any open house or outdoors.
  • Be comfortable for cow body, remove parasites and excrement, significantly improve cow comfort, reduce cattle/cow irritable mood.
  • With a strong massage function, promote cattle gastric motility and blood circulation, increase roughage intake.
  • With easy operation, no maintenance and with auto-sensing.
  • The motor is at low speed, low noise; power saving, long life brush body.
  • Auto flip function entangled oxtail or hairs.
  • If the tail of the cow or other objects are caught in the brush body, the rotation resistance of the brush body will increase, the motor current will increase, the controller will issue a command, and the brush body will reverse.

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